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Locksmiths Warrington 07855-867422 Why Us ?


Locksmiths Warrington why choose us as your Locksmiths in Warrington well in a few words we pride ourselves on providing quality and reliability at a reasonable cost, Locksmiths Warrington do not charge a call out fee or vat, and all our work and locks are guaranteed for 12 months. Call Derek your Locksmith in Warrington for a free no obligation quote.


 Local Locksmiths Warrington


Locksmiths Warrington are a Local and not a national company do not charge for a call out  unlike some Locksmiths in  Warrington, Locksmiths Warrington do not charge vat and only charge for the job and not per hour  and in most cases Derek your Warrington Locksmith can give you a quote over the phone and if your locked out in Warrington, Locksmiths Warrington can be with you within 45 minutes of your call.


Locksmiths Warrington all Locks Opened


Locksmiths Warrington can open most locks and we pride ourselves on providing quality and reliablilty at a reasonable cost thats how Locksmiths Warrington have survived in a industry with growing competition. Locksmiths Warrington are transparent with their pricing for example to change a front door lock on a upvc door is just £53 including the lock get a quote from other Locksmiths in Warrington and see how we compare.


Do Locksmiths Warrington use Call Centres ?


When you phone Locksmiths Warrington you will speak directly to our Locksmiths in Warrington Derek or his wife Pam, Locksmiths Warrington do not use call centres who normally subcontract the work to another locksmith and charge you twice the amount.



Emergency Locksmiths Warrington 07855-867422


Locksmiths Warrington provide a 24 hour Locksmith Service in Warrington so if you find yourself locked out in Warrington due to losing your keys or being a victim of crime ask us for a quote your Locksmiths Warrington can be with you within 45 minutes of your call to gain entry to your property and change your locks if thats whats required and Locksmiths Warrington prices are from just £53 during the day, £78 during the evening and weekends and from £98 during the night.


Locksmiths Warrington for Business Customers


Locksmiths Warrington work with and provide solutions for businesses in Warrington. Locksmiths Warrington discount their prices for customers who use them on a regular basis which is beneficial to Letting Agents/Estate Agents, local charities, private landlords who require the use of a Locksmith in Warrington on a regular basis



UPVC Door Locks Warrington


If your having problems with your UPVC Door then let Locksmiths Warrington assist you we can normally give you an idea of what the problem is over the phone.


UPVC door locks are also called multipoint locks our Locksmiths Warrington carry a stock of these types of locks and in normal circumstances can replace it there and then if thats what is required the normal cost for a multilock replacement is £145 ask other Locksmiths in Warrington for a quote and see how much you can save.


For free no obligation information call Derek Locksmiths Warrington on 07855-867422.


Mailbox Locks Warrington


Locksmiths Warrington can supply and fit your new mailbox lock for £48 with two keys, when moving into a new apartment we would suggest that this is done to help protect your confidentiallty.


Locksmiths Warrington Local To You


There are a number of distinct advantages in using Local Locksmiths Warrington not national locksmiths the main one is that you will save money and secondly you will get a faster response if your locked out.


Locksmiths Warrington can be with you within 45 minutes of your call and when you phone us you will speak to either Derek or Pam Mercer the owners of Locksmiths Warrington.


Locksmiths Warrington are less expensive than National Locksmiths because when you phone a national locksmith they sub-contract the work to a locksmith and so your price has essentially doubled as both want to make some money and the locksmith covering your area may live a good distance away from you so may be delayed in getting to you.





Locksmiths Warrington 07855-867422

Prices From £58


Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422 Why Use Us ?

Locksmiths Warrington Home Security Tips

The team at Locksmiths Warrington want all our customers to not only feel secure at home but be secure at home and in order to achieve this Locksmith Warrington have put together some top tips for your home security.


Locksmiths Warrington suggest that by making your front garden tidy and secure could prevent an intruder from entering your home.

Check for weak spots where a thief could get into your garden, for example, a low or sagging fence, or a back gate with a weak lock.


Locksmiths Warrington also suggest that our customers make sure the front of the house is clearly visible from the road, this will prevent intruders from being able to make access to the house unseen from the road.


Another suggestion from Locksmiths Warrington is to consider using gravel for pathways as it is impossible to walk on without making a sound which could alert yourselves or others about a possible intruder.


Locksmiths Warrington Garden Security Tips


Gates, fencing, walls or hedges should not be more than 1 metre high so your property is clearly visible.

Keep gardens neat and tidy so that intruders cannot hide.

Consider using gravel for driveways as it is impossible to walk on without making a sound.

Keep cars, bikes and other valuables are locked up in the garage.

Make sure your garages are secured when not in use.

Install a security alarm for additional security. There are various options for alarms.

Fit dusk till dawn security lighting.

Cancel milk, newspapers or other deliveries if you will be leaving the house unoccupied.

Garden Security Holly Bush

Local Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422

Using Local Locksmiths Warrington ensures a number of benefits for our customers which includes faster response times, we can be with you within 45 minutes of your call, this is important if your locked out of your premises. Being Local Locksmiths Warrington also means we have lower overheads than national locksmiths and we can pass on these savings by charging lower prices.


Also being Local Locksmitths Warrington means when you phone us you will speak directly the owners Pam or Derek who can provide free advice and quotes on all our services.


Locksmiths Warrington provide a local not national service and believe in providing quality and reliability its a simple philosophy, if we do well for our Locksmiths Warrington customers then they are likely to tell others about us and hopefully we will get some more work from this, you cannot buty this type of advertising so thank you to all our customers.

Locksmiths Warrington Working With Letting Agents & Private Landlords in Warrington

Here at Locksmiths Warrington we work actively with Letting Agents and Private Landlords in Warrington and surrounding areas, we provide a locksmith service when you need it at very competitive prices, we already work with a nunmber of letting agents and are proud to say we provide a Quality and Reliable service at a reasonable price, we provide free no obligation quotes so in most cases you will know how much the work is going to cost, we even arrange with the tenant the appointment time allowing you to carry on with your work, and once comleted if we change a lock then will provide you with a spare key.

Transparent Pricing with Locksmiths Warrington

Can I have a quote please ? this is the question Locksmiths Warrington mostly get when answering the phone and the answer is yes, when you phone us you will be speaking to either Pam or Derek the owners of Locksmiths Warrington who will ask a few questions and give you a free no obligation quote.


Unlike some Locksmiths in Warrington we do not charge a call out fee, do not charge vat and charge for the job and not per hour. So the price we quote is a total price for example we can change a upvc door euro cylinder for just £53 and two euro cylinders for just £96 thats cheaper than what some Warrington Locksmiths will charge for labour, we advise our customers to ring around for quotes and see how much you can save.


Once an appointment is made on arrival we will confirm what work is required and confirm the price again, if the customer agrees then only at this time will your Warrington Locksmith carry out the work.

What do Locksmiths Warrington Do ?

Many Locksmiths Warrington customers and many others often think that Locksmiths spend all their time dealing with peole who are locked out when this in fact only accounts for approximately ten percent of our work.


About 20 percent of the time Locksmiths Warrington are replacing locks that are working okay its just that someone has keys for them that no longer live there such as rented property or when someone moves into a new premises and they want peace of mind by knowing no one else has keys but themselves.


About 70 percent of our time is spent dealing with upvc door locks/handles as these types of doors represent about 70 percent of all doors in the UK, and even though they are low maintenance they are not without problems such as door dropping causing problems with the door lock and handles.


We also do a bit of specialist work such as replacing locks in church properties, this can mean sourcing and upgrading locks on churches without changing the condition of the doors.

With Locksmiths In Warrington You Pay For The Job And Not Per Hour

With Locksmiths in Warrington You Pay For the Job And Not Per Hour

When getting quotes from Locksmiths in Warrington ensure that you get a quote thats clear and transparent, for example with our Locksmiths In Warrington when you phone us you will speak directly to the business owners either Pam or Derek who will give you a quote based on the information you give us about what you need and this quote will be a total price, unlike some Warrington Locksmiths who will charge you so much per hour plus parts plus vat which could soon bump up your price, we advise all customers to ensure that you know what your paying for before you authorise any card payments or even ask the Locksmith to attend. Here at Locksmiths Warrington we dont charge a call out fee and with our Locksmiths In Warrington you pay for the job and not per hour.

Locksmiths In Warrington - Whats the Difference ?


When looking for locksmiths in Warrington you will have plenty of choice so whats the difference ? We suggest asking a few questions to help you make a decision such as how long have you been in business ? this helps you to check out the stability of the locksmith, will you provide me with  reciept ? most genuine locksmiths will provide you with a receipt and contact details in case yo need them for the future, also genuine locksmiths will guarantee both work and parts and also of course when you speak to them over the phone how do you feel if you dont feel comfortable then dont book them.

Most Locksmiths who have been in business for a while should be able to give you a price over the phone based on your answers to a few questions

always check that your not paying a call out fee or admin charge and ask if there will also be vat added as this will push up your bill by 20 percent

our Locksmiths in Warrington, do not charge vat do not charge a call out fee and charge for the job and not per hour.

Electric Gate And Garage Remotes In Warrington 07855 867422

Lockkeys Locksmiths Gate Remotes

Sourcing extra Electric Gate and Garage Remotes in Warrington can be a bit of a nightmare and expensive when you order one online to find when it arrives its doesnt work this is where Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington can help out, our remotes are compatible with 95% of fixed code remotes and more than 40 rolling code brands.

We take away the guesswork by supplying you with a remote and programming it with your original working remote at your property thus ensuring that the remote is working works this saves our customers both time and money in purchasing rmotes that dont work.


Please note these remotes are for programming with an already working remote they cannot be programmed without this.

Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved

UPVC Door Problems Solved With Locksmiths Warrington

Upvc doors account for more than 70 per cent of all doors in the UK the majority of which have a multipoint locking system and although they are less maintenance than a wooden door they do have their problems and as a consequence of this our Locksmiths Warrington spend a lot of time solving UPVC door lock problems.


So what can go wrong ? Upvc doors are heavy and over time they can drop slightly this could result in your door lock not working correctly, the following are scenarios that we often hear from customers when they are having Upvc Door Lock Problems.


A) The handle wont go up fully when im locking the door - We would ask you to open the door and try to lift the handle up then lock the door when its open, if the handle works okay this way then the problem is with the alignment of the door, if the handle still wont go up properly then the problem will be with your multilock itself which may need replacing.


B) My handles are just spinning round - We would ask you to check if this is the same on bothe sides of the door if the answer is yes then it indicates to us that your multilock needs replacing, iof its only happening on one side of the door then it tells us that its your handle thats the problem and this may need replacing.

High Security Ultion Locks Supplied And Fitted In Warrington


When looking for high security locks then theres only one that.Locksmiths Warrington reccomend and fit and thats the Brisant Ultion, why this lock ? Well its accredited to TS007 3 Star standards and is also a Sold Secure Diamond Standard Lock.

As far as we are concerned you cannot buy a better more secure lock in the UK and thats why when a high security lock is needed we would fit these. If you would like a free quote please contact Derek at Locksmiths Warrington on 07855 867422

Secure Your Sheds And Outhouses


Its that time of the year when the crime figures spike especially theft from sheds, so Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington say to our customers keep your sheds and outhouses secure. Lets make it harder for the thieves by making sure we have a good quality hasp,staple and padlock on the shed door, portable shed alarms now available are not an expensive precaution, also chain up your bigger items such as bikes,lawn mowers and ladders, and put smaller tools into a box which can also be attached to the other items with a chain and padlock with the average sheds having over £2000 of value in them spending a few pounds on security could save money.

20170418_215741 20170418_221212

Locksmiths Warrington Say Watch Out Theres Thieves About

Locksmiths Warrington Watch Out Theres Thieves About

Locksmiths Warrington say watch out as theres theives about and they are using some of the oldest methods in the book to steal your car and posessions.


Warning do not leave your car and house keys anywhere near your front door and windows as the theives are simply looking through letter boxes for car and house keys and using the hook and rod method to hook out your keys through the letterbox then they will steal your property and drive off in your car.


Dont make it easy for them make sure you hideaway your keys from view reduce the risks of you being targeted here at Warrington Locksmiths we want all our customers to be safe in their own home and business.

Use Your Window Restrictors For Security And Safety 

Locksmiths Warrington Window Restrictors

If you have window restrictors fitted then please use them as they can provide both security and safety. For security they should prevent the windows from opening wide enough to let someone climb through thus preventing theft and burglary and from a safety aspect they can help prevent falls through the window especially if you have smaller children or perhaps looking after someone who may have a dementia type illness.


Here at Locksmiths Warrington we can supply and fit window restrictors for you of the type pictured which are tested to British Standard they come in different colours to suit most windows and can be used on both wooden and upvc type, so if you would like a free no obligation quote from Derek your Locksmith in Warrington just give us aring on 07855 867422

Need A Locksmith In Warrington Call The Security Experts On 07855 867422

Locksmiths Warrington The Security Experts

When you want a job doing right first time you should call an expert and thats Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422 we can call ourselves experts as we have over 40 years of security related experience and have been in the lcoksmith business now for over 8 years, this knowledge and experience counts for a lot. Most people will only ever need a locksmith once so its important to get it right first time. With no call out charges and free quotes youve nothing to lose so give Derek your Locksmith in Warrington a ring on 07855 867422 we are here to help our customers.

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Do Upvc Doors Expand In Hot Weather ? You better believe it.

Locksmiths Warrington Upvc Door Expansion

Locksmiths Warington often get asked Do Upvc Door Expand In Hot Weather ? You better believe it especially the brown ones. The expansion of your door in hot weather can cause problems so as being unable to lock or open your door so what can I do about it?


As it cools down it should go back to normal however in extreme cases you could try cooling the door down yourself by patting it down with cold water avoiding your glass this should do the trick.


However if when the door is cool and its still not working then get a free quote from Derek or Pam at Locksmiths Warrington by calling 07855 867422 we are here to help our customers in Warrington and Surrounding areas.

Locksmiths Warrington Keeping Our Customers Safe

Keep Safe With Locksmiths Warrington - Lock The Bad Guys Out

Keep safe With Locksmiths Warrington and Lock the bad guys out seem a little bit obvious doesnt it ? However the family team at Locksmiths Warrington are never surprised when people dont know how their door lock works..

Take the door pictured for example, if you have handles on your door thats like this then you  must ensure that you use your key to lock the door if you dont thenm your leaving your door insecure, Locksmiths Warrington and unfortunately others who are not locksmiths can get this door opened in seconds when not locked with a key, its quiet,fast and you dont damage the door or lock dont make it easy for them simply lock your door with a key.

Choosing A Warrington Locksmith Whats The Difference ?

When choosing a Warrington Locksmith whats the difference ? most people will only be looking for a Warrington Locksmith once in a lifetime and with so many to choose from who should you  ask to do wotrk for you ?. Its a difficult choice as most Warrington Locksmiths will be advertising in the same manner using the same keywords however we suggest that you ask a few questions to help you decide.

For example how much will it cost ?

A lot of locksmiths do sub contract work for call centres so when you phone they will be unable to give you a fixed price as the call handler will not know whats involved, a Local Locksmith will be able to give you a price over the phone based on what you say is wrong.


A national locksmiths firm will not be able to tell you how long they will be as they will need to find someone to send first of all, when you phone us you will be speaking directly to the owners, we can let you know how long we will be.


So when choosing a Warrington Locksmith please ask for price, response time, is there any call out charge and is there any guarantees.

Antisnap Locks In Warrington Buy The Best

If your looking for antisnap locks in Warrington then buy the best. Lock snapping is not new its been going on for years but unfotunately due to  the internet, lockmsiths and lock manufacturers its becoming more common and so how do you defend yourself against these attacks.


Lock manufacturers now make antisnap locks which give you more protection but please make sure you buy the best as some of the Antisnap locks will only provide minimal protection and can still be snapped.


The best locks on the market giving ultimate protection against lock snapping are Diamond Graded 3 Star Euro Cylinders these lock have attained the highest standards in the UK.


As Warrington Locksmiths when asked about these types of locks we will only fit Antisnap locks that are 3 Star Diamond Graded and have on our doors the Federal Ironguard euro cylinder.


We provide free no obligation quotes for all our services including the supply and fitting of Antisnap locks in Warrington so just phone Derek or Pam on 07855 867422 we are here for our customers.


New Property Or Business ?  Then Let Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington Change Your Locks.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Change Your Door Locks

Did you  know that the majority of people in the UK do not charnge their door locks when moving into a new property or business do not change the door locks.


Did you also know that by not doing this you coould invalidate your insurance if you should need to make a claim.


Ask Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington for your free no obligation quote on 07855 867422

Safes and Vaults Opened In Warrington Call

07855 867422 For Details

Opening safes and vaults is a specialist field and its not something that Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington do however we do know a Locksmith who does his name is Mark Doyle of Paladin Locksmiths if you would like his details just give us a ring on 07855 867422 and speak to Pam or Derek.

So if you have a problem with a safe or vault in Warrington or have one that needs servicing or a combination changing or even a new lock then Mark is the person who can help you.

Domestic Commercial Vault

With Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington Your Home Is Your Castle

With Locksmiths Warrington Your Homes Your Castle

With Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington your home is your castle and so it should be, we can help you in increasing the security of your castle cost effectively as it neednt be too expensive to protect your property.


The easiest way of protecting your property is by looking at insurance companies websites and checking out what requirements they want in regards to the seurity of your home.


The insurance companies are experts in risk assessment, they know what reduces the chance of your property being broken into and so tell you what they expect in regards to locks on your door and windows.


When you compare what is required and what you have, not only will you reduce the risks you will also remain compliant with what your policy should the need arise for you to make a claim.


If you need any assistance with upgrading your security then give Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington a ring on 07855 867422 and speak with the business owners Derek or Pam Mercer we are here for our customers.


Problems With Yale Locks Or Chubb Locks ? Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington Have The Solution

Lockkeys Locksmiths Mortice Deadlock

If your having problems with wooden door locks commonly known as Yale locks or Chubb locks dont suffer in silence give Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington a ring on 07855 867422 we will have a solution for the problem and as we provide free no obligation quotes you will know how much it will cost, phone Derek or Pam the business owners tell them what the problem is answer a few questions get your quote and then phone other Warrington Locksmiths for a price then if you find ours very competitive which it will be just phone us back and make an appointment to suit you whether its early morning or late evening we can be there as Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington are here for their customers because without you we wouldnt be here.

How Do Locksmiths Open Locked Doors ?

Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington Opening Locked Doors

How do locksmiths open locked doors ? its easy isnt it ? these are questions that people like to ask and with youtube videos it always seems easy our Locksmith in Warrington Derek explains that like everything else its always seems easy when you know how.


Opening lockled doors depends on the type of lock, type of door and knowledge and experience plus equipment available our Warrington Locksmiths have now been opening locked doors for over 9 years using methods such as picking, drilling, lock bypass and other methods of destructive entry.


When you lose a key for a lock, picking the lock simply replicates what the key would do, lock picking requires knowledge of the lock plus skill in picking that particular type of lock, remember that locks are designed to keep people out including Warrington Locksmiths so can include anti pick pins anti drill pins and trap pins so its not always viable to spend time picking a lock especially when your going to replace it anyway.


When a lock is faulty and your unable to open it with your key then picking the lock would be no good because it simply replicates your key which is not working, in this case locksmiths Warrington would consider another way of opening your door either by bypassing the lock or drilling the lock.


Again driling a lock is not as easy as it sounds or seems on youtube, Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422 have been to many doors where they have been drilled in the wrong place causing damage to more than the lock, the drilling of a lock requires knowledge of the lock and experience plus the right tools for the job.

Upvc Window Lock & Handle Problems Call 07855 867422 For A Solution

If you have Upvc window lock or handle problems in Warrington then Call Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington on 07855 867422 for  cost effecive solution. When you call us you will speak directly with the busines owners either Pam or Derek simply tell us what the problem is and we will offer you a cost effective solution plus a no obligation quote, then you can phone other Warrington locksmiths and compare prices then if you want us to do the work for you call us back on 07855 867422 and book an appointment at a time and day to suit yourself.

Thumb Turn Lock Problems In Warrington

Lockkeys Locksmiths Solving Thumb Turn Problems

If youve got problems with a thumb turn lock in Warrington then it could be due to a number of things, firstly if youve find that one key works but another is a bit dodgy then its probably due to a badly cut key, so Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington suggest getting another key cut from the original that works.


If you find that the lock barrel just spins without opening the door then its usually because the key is not connecting with the back part of the lock called the cam again this could be due to a badly cut key wrong key blank or worn keys or lock again Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422 suggest trying an original key first of all if this doesnt work then we would suggest changing the lock, we are happy to give no obligation quotes for work like this and if you decide you would like Derek our Locksmith in Warrington  to do the work for you then we can make an appointment to suit the customer whether this is early morning or late evening.

How Do You Become A Locksmith ?

Dereks Photo 1

Derek of Locksmiths Warrington is often asked how do you become a locksmith ? and the answer is easy because there is no regulation of locksmiths you could start trading as one today.

Most locksmiths go on a training course of which the choice is many complete the course buy tools and stock and start trading and within 12 months close the business as they are not making enough money.

Becoming a successful Locksmith in Warrington requires you to not only be good at what you do but also good at marketing because if people cant find you then you wont get any work.

Would Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington recommend locksmithing as a career ? of course we would its a very enjoyable job but its much more than that its a business that you have to grow before you start to earn a wage, so you need to do a business plan just like any other business and work out whether locksmithing is right for you and remember theres more people fail than succeed so you need to be in it for the long run in order to make a success of your business.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington Protecting Our Customers In Warrington And Surrounding Areas

Lockkeys Locksmiths Protecting Our Customers

Unlike Oliver Cromwells visit to Warrington here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington we look after our customers providing them with cost effective locking solutions to suit most budgets. we supply and fit most locking solutions for residential and commercial properties in Warrington and surrounding areas, with our Locksmiths in Warrington prices are from just £53  and with no vat and no call out fees to pay your guaranteed a competitive price, but dont just take our word for it, give Derek or Pam the business owners of Lockkeys Locksmith Services a ring on 07855 867422 explain what your requirements are we will give you a quote based on this which will be for the job then phone other Warrington Locksmiths and ask them for a quote compare your conversation with them and the price and make your decision based around this, then if you would like us to do the work for you simply ring us back on 07855 867422 and make an appointment to suit yourself.

Your Security Is Our Business

With Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422 your security is our business we want our customers to be as safe as possible no matter what the budget. We dont have a massive advertising budget in fact do most of the advertising ourselves, we get a lot of customers by word of mouth simply because our Locksmiths Warrington will always do our best when doing work for you as we want you to reccomend us to others.


Our Locksmith Warrington Derek has been working within Security related fields for over 40 years now including the last 9 within locksmithing so we know the security business and are able to best advise how to keep our customers safe.

We dont charge for a security survey so if your moving into a new property and would like to confirm what locks you have on your doors then give Pam at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington a ring on 07855 867422 to make an appointment, we normally would compare what you have on your doors with what your insurance company want you to have, theres no obligation with this, if you wanted us to provide a quote for any work then we would.

Call A Locksmith In Warrington Or Change The Lock Yourself ?

20181121_120204 (1)

Do you call a Locksmith in Warrington on 07855 867422 or do you change the lock yourself ? The picture shows a lock which the customers husband had attempted to open after losing keys, he had a good go drilling all the way through the lock but still couldnt open the door. They called our Locksmith in Warrington Derek to lend a hand and luckilly enough there was no apparent damage to the multipoint lock gearbox so door was opened and euro cylinder with three new keys was changed.

Its simple really locks are designed to keep people out if you dont know what your doing then dont do it as its harder than you think.

When Securing Your Home Dont Forget About Your Shed


Here at Locksmiths Warrington we want our customers to be as safe as possible and this includes shed security, the reason being is that our Locksmith in Warrington Derek is aware that on occasions thieves steal tools from sheds in order to break into property.

Its all about reducing the risks and so we recommend using a good hasp and staple and quality padlock on all sheds and consider a shed alarm which are a inexpensive addition to shed security.

The family team at Locksmiths Warrington provide free no obligation security checks for those who have just moved into a new home or are taking out a new insurance policy, just give us a call on 07855 867422 and make an appointment.

Do It Yourself Or Call A Locksmith In Warrington ?


Do it yourself or call a Locksmith in Warrington ? there is always a temptation to try and save a few quid but tis doesnt always work. Sometimes customers forget the old saying that "its easy when you know how" and its true with locks the picture attached is of a multipoint lock a customer took apart in taking out is euro cylinder, this wasnt neccesary and if he had called a Locksmith in Warrington on 07967 778940 he could have saved himself some money and time.

Window Handles, Locks & Keys In Warrington

20191219_192250 (1)

Our Warrington Locksmith Derek explains that most people dont realize that wondow handle keys are not individual to the handle they will open all similar types of handle. So if you move into a new property and have no window keys and your neighbour has similar window handles then the likelyhood is they will fit yours.

So you then could take the key to a key cutters and get one of the peg, as many of these keys are pre cut. Alternatively there is plenty of businesses online that will identify your handle make for you then post you out a key for a small amount of money plus postage.

If your handle is not working then it could be the window lock thats the problem if you need assistance with this then call Derek or Pam at Locksmiths Warrington on 07967 778940 for a no obligation quote.

Locksmiths Warrington Cleaning As We Go


At Locksmiths Warrington we have always cleaned up after ourselves and under the current circumstances its especially important so we hope that customers understand when we clean our hands and the work areas before we start work and after we finish work this is to help protect ourselves and our customers.

We are family owned and both myself Pam and our Warrington Locksmith Derek hope that everyone stays safe.

20200803_190328 (1)

Locksmiths Warrington Keeping Tenants Landlords and Letting Agents Safe

At Locksmiths Warrington we help keep people safe thats basically what we do an example of this is pioctured. This lock was on a 4th floor apartment door and obviously theres a few things not right with it.

Its the wrong colour and doesnt match the door furniture, its oversized for the door but the biggest problem with it is the fire risks. On apartment doors all locks should have the capability of being open without the need for a key (keyless egress) this is in case of fire or other emergency a person can escape quickly without the need to be looking for a key.

This lock was replaced with a thumbturn lock to comply with fire regulations and keep the tenant, landlord and letting agent safe. When looking for a Locksmith in Warrington call Derek or Pam on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.

Traditional Rim Locks Supplied And Fitted


At Locksmiths Warrington we are often asked to open and replace locks found on sheds and outhouses similar to the one pictured, these are called Traditional Rim Locks which come in different shapes and sizes and can be of a deadlock type as pictured or sashlock type which comes with handles.

if you would like a no obligation quote for a traditional rim lock then call Derek or Pam at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.