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When your locked out and need an Emergency Locksmith Warrington you want to know a few things such as how much will it cost ? and how long will you be, in answering the first question our Emergency Locksmiths in Warrington provide a free no obligation quote so when you phone us we should be able to give you a price over the phine after we have asked a few questions and secondly our Emergency Locksmith Warrington can be with you within 45 minutes and because we dont charge a call out fee or vat and charge for the job and not per hour you will get a highly competitive price from our Locksmiths Warrington.

What Should You Expect From An Emergency Locksmith In Warrington ? Call 07855 867422

Most people search for a Emergency Locksmith In Warrington when they are locked out and so its genrally a vulnerable time, here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington we expect to be asked by customers .

How much will it cost ? We can give you a free quote based on infomation asked at the time.

How long will you be ? Depending on where you are in Warrington we expect to be no longer than 45 minutes this is based on heavy traffic in most cases it will be about 25-30 minutes.

Do you charge for a call out ? absolutely not what we quote is what you pay there is not added extras like vat or a call out fee.

Can we have a reciept ? of course you can we are a transparent business and want you to tell others about us providing you with a receipt containing our details is a way this can be done.

How Do Locksmiths Open Locks

How do Locksmiths open locks

We often get asked how do locksmiths open locks ?  Well theres lots of different methods depending on the type of lock some can be picked, some can be bypassed, some can be slipped and some need to be drilled but in order to open a lock without a key involves knowledge of the lock, the tools to do the job, experience and plenty of practice.


Locksmiths Warrington have been trading for over 7 years now and are practising our skills using locksmithing tools on a daily basis, and although emergency work only covers about 10% of the work we carry out daily we still learn need to learn about new locks coming onto the market and practice in order to keep our skills upto date.


On occassions when we get asked how will you open the lock ? its often because the customers husband or friend has already had a go and been unsuccesful and they wanted to know how it should be done. However on occasions as was the case on a recent job where the gent was locked out of his flat it was because he had already had a housing association locksmith out who turned up at the door before telling him he didnt have the right tool for the job and so couldnt do it and in any case he would need to replace the mechanism, which surprised us as it only needed the lock picking before opening the door.


Opening Locks is like any other trade its easy when you know how, but skill equipment and experience do come into it and its not as easy as its portrayed on youtube thats if the locks are in fact genuine.

Local Emergency Locksmiths Warrington Or National Emergency Locksmiths Warrington Whats The Difference ?


Emergency Locksmiths Warrington Local or National whats the difference ? lets imagine that both have the same skills and knowledge, when your locked out you need a few questionsa answering such as how much will it cost and how long will you be ?

If you call a National Locksmith you will pay so much per hour plus parts plus vat and its usually costs more than a Local Locksmith because the work is carried out by a locksmith who will only get about 40 per cent of the total bill, they will also not be able to give you a definitive time that they will be there because they will have to find a locksmith to do the work for you first.

So by using  local Emergency Locksmiths Warrington you will benefit in a number of ways, here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington we also provide an Emergency Locksmith Service in Warrington and surrounding areas we can be contacted on 07855 867422.

Who Uses Emergency Locksmiths In Warrington ?

Emergency Locksmiths

Who uses Emergency Locksmiths in Warrington ? At Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422  our customers are made up of private Residential, business customers, landlords,Letting and estate agents, charitable organisations but our Emergency Locksmiths Service In Warrington only accounts for about 10 per cent of our work.

Customers who need an emergency locksmith are usually locked out or have a lock that isnt working and dont have another door to use.

Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington we always prioritise out work so that locks outs comes first where a vulnerable person is involved.

When You Call Our Locksmiths In Warrington On 07967 778940 Its Full Steam Ahead.

Its full steam ahead when you Call Lockkeys Locksmith Services

When your locked out and you need an Emergency-Locksmith in Warrington call us on 07967 778940 and we wont waste any time getting to you from your initial phone call we will give you a estimated time of arrival and will keep you updated should anything change and will also let you know when we are 5 minutes off so that their no need to be waiting outside your door in adverse weather.

For a no obligation quote call us on 07967 778940 and speak directly to the business owners Derek or Pam.

Do It Yourself Or Call Locksmiths Warrington ?

Lockkeys Locksmiths Plan B

Every now and then we get a call from a customer who has had a go themself and the lock still wont open thats when they call Derek and Pam of Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington on 07967 778940.

Now we always say locksmithing is not about when its going right its about going wrong and having a Plan B. Customers who do it themselves are only trying to save some money its natural but at times they dont save any money becuase they cause more damage to the handles and the door rather than get a no obligation quote from Derek or Pam at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington

Why Do Customers Call Emergency Locksmiths In Warrington ?

Emergency Locksmiths Warrington

Why do customers call Emergency Locksmiths In Warrington ?. to answer this question fully lets have a look at what the definition of an emergency is "An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment" (Wikipedia).

Although we provide Emergency Locksmiths in Warrington 07855 867422 this only accounts for about ten per cent of our work and we wouldnt be able to survive as a business doing this type of work on its own.


Although the definition seems extreme our Emergency Locksmith in Warrington Derek has on more than one occasion personally gained entry to property when the family member inside has not been contactable and with good results in that the family member has been unwell and an ambulance has been called, but also entry has been gained to property when the result was unfortunatley not good news. We have also gained entry to property where the water and gas was left on by a previous tenant and of course gained entry to property which was being used asd a cannabis farm and electricity bypassed and wired dangerously.

How To Avoid The Need For Emergency Locksmiths In Warrington


How to avoid the need for Emergency locksmiths in Warrington well in some cases is quite easy. If you have a lock thats not working correctly the best thing to do is replace the lock because its not going to get better only worse and of course it may lock you or loved ones out.

A second way of ensuring you dont get locked out if your having trouble with a lock is to ensure you have a key for you back door if this is an option, at lease then if the other lock fails you wont be locked out.

Here at Locksmiths Warrington 07967 778940 we do provide Emergency Locksmiths In Warrington so if needs must give us a call for a no obligation quote.