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Need a Locksmith Warrington  or Emergency Locksmith Warrington Lockkeys Locksmith Services provide  Locksmiths in Warrington and surrounding areas Locksmiths Warrington provide the following locksmith services in Warrington:




Lock Replacement in Warrington 07855-867422


Locksmiths Warrington provide this service for people who for whatever reason need to change their locks it could be because youve lost a set of keys had someone move out or had someone move in, its not for us to know the reason why but whatever the reason call Derek your Locksmiths Warrington we can change them for you quickly and without too much cost, our prices start from just £48.


Locksmiths Warrington UPVC Door Lock Problems


Locksmith Warrington can help with your UPVC door lock problems, there are basically 3 parts to a UPVC Door Lock.


1. The Multipoint Lock : this is the part that fits into the side of your UPVC door your handles and cylinder lock fit through this it normally has hooks and or rollers that move in/out up/dpwn when you move your handles.


2.  The Euro Cylinder Lock : This is the part that your key fits into and locks the door.


3. The Door Keep: This can be found on the door frame and is the part that your hooks and rollers of your multipoint lock fit into and lock into place.


If you find that your door is not working or locking properly then it will be due to problems with one or more of the above parts.


UPVC Locks Warrington Prices


Locksmiths Warrington have very competitive prices for example we can normally replace your UPVC Multilock for just £145 which includes adjusting the door and keeps where required.



Locksmiths Warrington Services

Emergency Locksmiths Warrington 07855 967422

Emergency Locksmiths Warrington

Locked out call us now your Emergency Locksmiths Warrington can be with you within 45 minutes of your call to help you back into your premises and if youve lost your keys we can also replace your locks and we are also one of the most competitively priced Emergency Locksmiths Warrington give us a ring for a free no obligation quote

Master Key Systems Supplied And Fitted In Warrington

Here at Locksmiths Warrington we supply and fit Restricted Master Key Systems for offices.schools.colleges,letting agents, private landlords. A master key system allows entry to different doors using one key but not everyone is allowed entry through every door. so whats the advantages of a master key system ?

1. Only one key is required to open multiple doors.

2. Who is allowed to open which door is controlled by the key which is authorised by yourself so you could open all the doors but an employee could open say the front door and the main office door but not your office.

3. The keys can be restricted meaning that keys cannot be duplicated by the local keycutter or cobbler.


If you would like more information or a free quote for a master key system then just give Pam or Derek a ring on 07855 867422 we are here for our customers.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Masterkeys

Looking For A Business In Warrington ? Try The Small Business Directory

When Looking for a business in Warrington or other areas try the UK Small Business Directory and make it easier for yourself.


UK Business Directory

Mortice Locks What Are They ?

lockkeys locksmiths warrington mortice locks

Mortice Locks are mostly used on wooden exterior Front and Back Doors although mortice locks and latches can also be used on bathroom doors and interior doors, for example bedroom doors. Mortice locks have to be chiselled into the door, and sit within the body of the door, with the bolt or latch then extending out from the side of the door into the door frame.

For insurance purposes mortice locks need to be British Standard 5 lever its surprising how many locks Derek our Locksmith in Warrington finds on doors that are either 3 lever or not British Standard .

The attached picture shows two British Standard Mortice Locks the one at the top of the picture is a mortice sashlock which is operated by a door handle and key, the one below is a mortice deadlock which is also operated with a key but does not require a handle.

If your would like a mortice lock replacing and upgrading to British Standard or would like a mortice lock fitting on your door then dont hesitate to call Pam or Derek of Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington on 07855 867422 and ask for a no obligation quote.

Its Competitive Prices With Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington

When your looking for a locksmiths in Warrington then theres a few questions to ask, do you charge a call out fee ? many national companies do because they use sub contractors here at Lockkeys we dont charge a call out fee.

Do you have an hourly charge ? Again national companies may charge by the hour here at Lockkeys we charge for the job so if it takes longer than it should do you wont pay any more money.

Do you charge Vat ? this can increase your bill by a fitth or 20% national companies and some others will charge you vat here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422 we dont charge vat.

How long would it take you to get to me ? a national company may take a long time as they need to take your details then find a locksmith to do the work for you who may be nowhere near where you live here at Lockkeys Locksmiths we can be with you within 45 minutes at the most in most cases quicker than this.

So when looking for a Warrington Locksmiths its wise to phone a few and ask for quotes compare prices and not only this compare how your dealt with over the phone and then make your decision.

Locksmiths Warrington Keeping Our Customers Safe With Anti Snap Locks


Here a Locksmihs Warrington we like to keep our customers safe and one way of doing this is keeping abreast of what methods of attack to locks theives are using.

One such method is lock snapping, although not a prevalent method in Warrington if you have a nice top of the range car then you could be at risk of theives snapping locks to gain entry and steal the keys for cars.

One way of protecting against this method is by installing 3 Star Diamond Grade Locks these locks have achieved the highest security standards in the Uk at the moment and 3 star euro cylinder locks are the only locks tested to withstand snapping attacks.

If your thinking of changing your locks then why not upgrade your euro cylinders to 3 star diamond grade locks, call Derek or Pam of Locksmiths Warrington on 07855 867422 for a no obligation quote.

Theres No Call Out Fees With Our Locksmiths In Warrington


Did you know that some Locksmiths in Warrington charge a call out fee this means you owe them money before they even do any work for you. Here at Lockeys Locksmiths Warrington we dont charge a call out fee dont charge vat and charge for the job and not per hour so our customers know what the cost would be before we even set out.

When we turn up at you property we will confirm the work required and cost before we start work.

Ask us for a no obligation quote then phone another Locksmiths in Warrington and compare prices with us its all about the customer.

Locksmith Training Cheshire


Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington in collaboration with another locksmith now offer a comprehensive locksmith training course to to those looking for locksmith training in Cheshire. We believe in providing quality and reliability in everyting we do including our training.

So why do your locksmith training with us ? First of all our training is carried out by two independent trading locksmiths so weve been there made the costly mistakes and know what works and what doesnt work. Secondly before we do any training with anyone we want you to understand how difficult it is breaking into the locksmith business its hard work not a 9 til 5 job and can be 7 days per week when you first start out.

Thirdly we use training methods to suit the needs of the person, so we go through the theory then show you putting the theory to practice before you have a go yourself once your confident you come out with us on live jobs.

At the end of the course we run a exam its not pass or fail it simply allows us and the student to assess if they have understood the training and are confident enough to work without supervision if required we will always go over any training and further to this any of our students can always come back to the workshop and o over any training free of charge. www.locksmithtraining.org.uk

Independent Locksmiths Warrington Or National Locksmiths Warrington Whats The Difference ?

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When looking for Locksmiths in Warrington you will have a choice between Independent and National Locksmiths so whats the difference ?

If you consider that the locksmiths are equally skilled then there will be certain advantages of employing a independent Warrington Locksmith rather than a National Locksmith.

Firstly if you call a national locksmith then you are likely to be speaking with a contact centre who will not be able to give you a price over the phone they wont know however when you call a Local Warrington Locksmith you will speak directly with the locksmiths who will be able to give you a no obligation quote over the phone.