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Lockkeys Locksmiths 07855 867422 Solving Upvc Door Lock Problems in Rainford

Did you know that Upvc Doors account for over 70 percent of all doors in the UK and although they are less maintenance than wooden doors, locks handles and hinges on upvc doors do fail and when this happens you need to call Locksmiths in Warrington on 07855 867422.


When you call Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington you will speak directly with the business owners either Pam or Derek who after asking a few questions will be able to give you an idea of whats wrong and also how much we would charge to solve the problem, and with Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington because we are family owned and run you will get a competitive price for us to solve your upvc door lock problems in Warrington.

Upvc Door Lock Problems In Warrington ? Call 07855 867422 For A Solution

If you have a upvc door lock problem in Warrington then call Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington on 07855 867422 for a cost effective solution.

We are working on these types of does nearly every day of the week and can normally identify a problem when speaking with our customers over the phone and offer you a no obligation quote to resolve the problem.


Some common problems that occur with upvc and composite door locks are as follows:


Floppy handles and unable to open the door

Door unlocks but is stuck at the top,middle or bottom

Its difficult to lift the handles up to lock the door

Unable to close the door properly

Unable to turn the key oin the lock

Unable to take the key out of the door when locked


Whatever the problem give Derek or Pam of Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington a ring on 07855 867422 explain the problem and we will offer you a quote then phone other Warrington Locksmiths and ask for a quote then based on your conversations make a decision and if you would like us to carry out the work for you ring us back and make the arrangments for a time to suit you.

My Upvc Door Has Dropped How Do I Re-Align It ?

If your Upvc door has dropped if its not re-aligned it could cost you a lot of money in having to replace the multipoint door lock its far easer and cheaper to have the door and or keeps re-aligned.

Firstly not every door can be re-aligned by adjusting the hinges it depends on what hinges are on the door, flag hinges so called becuase they look like a flag can be adjusted in either 2 or 3 ways they can bring the door upwards downwards left and right and in and out whereas butt hinges or pencil hinges may not be adjustable.

Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington 07855 867422 we are working on these types of doors almost daily and have adjusted hundreds of doors, if youve got a problem with a door or door lock then give Derek or Pam the owners of Lockkeys Locksmiths Warrington a ring on 07855 867422 for a no obligation quote for your door or keeps to be adjusted, if they cant be adjusted then their is no cost to the customer and we would advise on what is required.

My Upvc Door Wont Lock In The Hot Weather

Upvc Door Locks Warrington

If your upvc door faces the sun for most of the day  then its likely that your door may expand causing problems locking the door or even closing your door.

When this happens you could try and cool down the door by wetting a t-towel and wiping down your door with cold water (not the glass) this cooling effect may help you out.


If it doesnt work then give either Derek or Pam a ring on 07855 867422 your Locksmiths Warrington can discuss the problem with you trya nd work out a diagnosis and offer a solution and a no obligation quote.